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A CPA experience delivered right to your inbox. No appointments. No office visits.

Instead, simple & accurate taxes... completed on your schedule.

... for any US taxpayer, wherever you are.

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Your tax experience, redefined.

Transparent Pricing

We provide clear upfront pricing so you know the cost before you commit.

Safe & Secure Data

Rest easy knowing your sensitive files will be transmitted and stored with bank-level security.

Easy & Accurate

No more anxiety-ridden visits to an accountant. We deliver a seamless CPA experience right to your inbox.


Register online and complete your client survey.


We review your information and verify the price.


We prepare your tax return remotely for you to review.

Settle your invoice and we will file your Federal & State tax return(s).


Tax prep in four easy steps

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Time is your most precious commodity.

Spend it doing what you love, while we handle your taxes.

Look, we get it. Life is crazy busy. Every moment you spend on taxes represents time away from your business, time away from your family, time away from all of the other things you'd rather be doing! Allow us to ease your burden by handling the tedious and often times daunting task of filing your taxes.

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